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Welcome to Agar Protection Service plc.

Agar security protection service plc was established on September 15, 2001 E.C in Addis Ababa by fulfilling the legal requirements of the country and with a vision that enable it to transform the private security protection service sector which is found at its initial phase to a better stage.
To be an accessible and preferable all-around security protection provider organization in the Horn of Africa.
To provide security protection service being supported by technology to government and non-government bodies and individuals in Ethiopia, and in conjunction with this to supply security related materials, installation, maintenance and consultancy service related with security.
Being pro-active: By organizing appropriate and strong security team in every security posts/sites, we pro-actively protect our customers from exposure and possible criminal acts.
We pay great attention to our Employees: We ensure the satisfaction of our employees by creating good working conditions and facilitating for their future development and giving them immediate and proper response to their queries/ complaints.
We provide service with loyalty and openness: We serve our customers with full loyalty and openness in accordance to the laws and rules of the country and diligently protect them from criminal acts and any threat with great responsibility and with a sense of ownership and also treat our clients with care and diligence and to be exemplary in such activities.
Continually Improving: Understanding the fast changing international and national and taking into account condition the changes which create positive and negative impacts on our service provision and being committed to change we continuously strive ensure continues improvement.
Fulfilling Social Responsibilities: We contribute to the development of the society by creating wide job opportunity and participating in national and local development activities, and whenever possible assisting the local communities with available resource to solve problems or to satisfy some needs. We are also responsible for the social impacts.

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"My five security guards make a very good team. I would therefore, like to request that they are kept on as a team my residence for my successor, Mrs. Tamara Vleminckx her family, who will replace me from August 18 onwards. I would like to thank you for the efficient guards I had the pleasure of knowing over the past four years. "

Cedric Mas - Head of Administration European Union to Africa

"We currently deploy security guards from Agar Protection Plc and we also use their patrolling service to check the security guards on duty. During these years of working together, we found Agar Protection’s service to be highly professional, consistent, responsive and proactive.
We don’t have hesitation in recommending Agar Protection PLC to anyone who wants to associate with them.

Wondwossen Zeleke - General Manager, Africa Oil in Ethiopia

"I certify that the services rendered by AGAR Protection Service PLC are to our satisfaction and we recommend them as a good security service provider. "

Habtamu Fekadu - Supply chain Manager, ILRI Ethiopia

"Agar Protection Service Plc has been providing a security service to Addis International Bank S.C. Since Sep. 3/2012. During its tenure in service with our Bank, the company has been delivering the service at the service level standard of the bank and to our satisfaction. "

Sime G/selassie - Manager, HR & Facility Management,Addis International bank

"We hereby would like to express our great gratitude for the strong support and assistance from the Agar Security company and your esteemed African Union Commission to our China Technical Team for African Union Conference Center Project.
CREC Addis Ababa Mieso Railway Project To the best of my capacity, I have found Agar Protection Service PLC. To be one of the best security companies that is more reliable in the trade.

Luo Rongquan - African Union Commission

"It has been observed that Agar’s services are with high integrity, trustworthy, supportive, help to manage risks and beneficial to securing property, The company is also immensely serving the nation’s development sectors. We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for Agar Protection Service PLC’s employees and management for the support we have been provided. It is our pleasure to continually doing business with Agar. "

Melese Truneh - Director of Finance & Administration, USAID / Deliver Project


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Diplopmat and International organizations

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